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DEBAUCHE :. Russian Mafia Band .: DEBAUCHE

From the band's facebook page: 

The story of DEBAUCHE is a very sad story:....

There were only two of us
left on the float ( my Uncle Milan and I), when the Soviet nuclear submarine
“Vodka Dva” (“Vodka Two”- English) or Vodka Vodka or lodochka podvodochka, as we use to call it
with love, sunk in the Caribbean Sea after colliding with Cuban shrimping
boat. ....

For two
weeks me and my uncle Milan, who’s two younger sisters were eaten by bears two
weeks earlier (the most common death in the Ukraine – what a bad luck), were floating in the open seas with no drink
and no water, feeding on the carcass of a dead dolphin. Uncle Milan- the
greatest milafonist of the Ukraine ,suddenly felt sick .He never made it to the
shore, holding his precious Milafone until his last breath. He died of food poisoning ( as doctors told
me later ).....

Finally we were rescued - Me and my dead uncle Milan by 
Russian Mafia from Miami .They gave us shelter, food and had to beat up
my uncle Milan only once for the bad smell. They put us to work-we had to wear
high heels and pretend that we were women. 
They also taught us how to play musical instruments. I was playing a big drum, and my uncle Milan
who was still holding together was playing his milafone.....

When we were
first discovered as a band at the Seafood Festival by the greatest American
anthropologist Conan O’brien, he made an astonishing analogy to our music:....

Schwartzennegger and Chuck Norris (I like Chuck Norris personally) had to drink
a lot of Vodka and have a lot of sex, that’s what we sound like. Please enjoy
it while we are here. ....

There are no scheduled shows.

Debauche (Russian Mafia Band) "Bublichki"