8316 Oak St. New Orleans, LA  (504) 866 9359  Map & Directions

Hill Country Hounds

Hill Country Hounds

New Orleans-based Americana band. The Hill Country Hounds have a southern flair, but they also pepper their sound with a touch of Cajun and blues. 

Their six members share diverse backgrounds. Jason Brettel, is the drummer and bandleader. Frontman Jamie Bernstein shares lead vocal and songwriting duties with Larry Hall, and the two men bring different approaches to the stage. Bernstein is a prolific musician with roots in Appalachia, conversely, Hall has all the makings of a classic bluesman. Sharing the front of the stage with Hall and Bernstein is Tom Marron, a 30-year New Orleans resident who supplies supporting vocals along with a fiddle and ruckus harmonica. Rounding out the Hounds are Bruce Tyner on pedal steel and the bumpin’ bass of NOLA native Miguel Barrosse, who moonlights as a sound engineer at local clubs including the Maple Leaf and Tipitina’s.  

There are no scheduled shows.

The Hill Country Hounds Perform Cash Thing.