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Pat Casey & the New Sound

About Pat Casey:

   Originally from Denver, Colorado, bassist Pat Casey’s music career has already lead him around the world playing throughout the U.S., Europe, South America, and India among many other places. He possesses a diverse musical palette, consisting mostly of Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Afro-Cuban, and Samba/Bossa-Nova. 

   Since arriving in New Orleans in February 2008, Pat has become one of the most prominent bassists in each of the respective styles in which he is fluent. Pat can be seen playing in many settings and stages in almost any of the New Orleans live music venues. He can be seen locally as well as abroad with such musicians as: The Headhunters, Bill Summers and Jazsalsa, Robin Barnes, as well as at “Life Center Cathedral Full Gospel Baptist Church”.

   By utilizing and combining his musical influences, he has also created a distinct and refreshingly unique music as exemplified by his ever-exciting and innovative project: “Pat Casey and the New Sound”. Consisting of similarly diverse and experienced players, this band includes some of the very top young creative musicians in New Orleans today. 

   In any of his musical environments, Pat’s sound is insightful, powerful, and solid.

About The New Sound:

Formed in New Orleans in 2008, “Pat Casey and the New Sound” is an energetic and exhilarating group fusing both classic and modern Jazz with Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and funk and Hip Hop. The group plays original material as well as inspired arrangements of quintessential classics. It’s members include some of the finest young players in the New Orleans music scene.

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