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Mike Zito

Fri, August 4, 2017

"Mike reminds me of the teenager who got the car keys for the first time and went out on a joyride. He was driving so fast, careening around curves and managing to narrowly avoid at least three accidents in the first half hour, but he maintained just enough control to pull through, grinning from ear to ear confidently the whole time.Zito unleashes the same feeling here, making the loud, rocking, intense guitar album he always wanted to make. Lyrics and nuances take a back seat to flat out shredding.” --Jim Hynes- Elmore Magazine

“This is a nice blues rocker with a country edge, melding the blues into a modern mélange of rock that demonstrates his Texas roots..”  -- Steve Jones- Blues Blast Magazine

Born in South St. Louis, Mo. Mike Zito grew up in a working class home with a dire love of music. It was his escape and way out. After a decade working in a local guitar shop, Mike learned his craft from the ground up playing in clubs 7 nights a week. He fell in love with the Blues of St. Louis and the stories of the country singers. His first self released album "Blue Room" hit the streets in 1998 and he has made 12 albums total over the years. He signed and recorded with Eclecto Groove Records and Ruf Records. He is a founding member of the supergroup "Royal Southern Brotherhood" with Cyril Neville and Devon Allman. In 2012 he formed his own group, The Wheel. Mike has produced albums for Samantha Fish, Laurence Jones, Albert Castiglia and others. He tours extensively in the USA, Canada and Europe. He has been honored with multiple Blues Music Awards over the past 10 years. His love of life and pursuit of happiness is felt in every note he sings and plays.