8316 Oak St. New Orleans, LA  (504) 866 9359  Map & Directions

Smoke N Bones

Fri, November 11, 2016

Boasting some of the best talent in the Big Easy and an undeniably "classic" soul sound, Smoke N Bones stands out as a fresh voice in a music scene rich with history and tradition. The band places an emphasis on original material and arrangements and creates a diverse sound strongly rooted in Soul and Funk, often venturing into the realms of Jazz, Afro Beat, and Reggae. 

Smoke N Bones is:
Billy Franklin - Guitar/ Vocals
Kyle Sharamitaro - Drums/ Vocals
Mykia Jovan - Vocals
Kyle "Astreaux" Cripps - Sax/ Keyboards
Doug Dietrich - Bass/ Vocals