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BrasiNola: 1970s Brazil Samba/Funk/Rock

Fri, September 18, 2015

1970s Brazilian Jams & Funk.

The band features Brazil native Edward Tozzato on keys & vocals; Ron Johnson on bass (Gregg Allman Band); Danny Abel (Gravity A) and Sam Dickey (Pirate's Choice) on guitar; Jermal Watson (Dirty Dozen Brass Band), Nick Solnick (Tony Clifton) on percussion.

1970s Brazilian music progressed as the country’s dictatorship entered its most oppressive phase. Musicians and artists from the Tropicalia period of the late-60s entered a new phase mixing rock, funk, samba and soul alongside a wealth of like-minded new artists. With the constant threat of imprisonment, artists nevertheless managed to produce radical music that, like Tropicalia before it, managed to deal with questions of identity, sexuality and society in a revolutionary manner. Fusing folk, rock, funk, psychedelia and just about anything else with countercultural philosophy and radical opposition to the oppressive dictatorship then governing the country, 1970s Brazilian music is bold both in terms of form and content. 

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