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The Porter Trio: George Porter Jr., Terrence Houston, Michael Lemmler

Mon, February 20, 2017

Monday Funkday with George Porter Jr Trio-- featuring some of his Runnin' Pardners! 

In George Porter Jr.'s words:

"So who and what is the Porter Trio? That's a great question I'm not sure if I have a real answer other then it is three experienced musicians coming out to play together, no rehearsal, no set lists, no idea of what's going to happen. We are there to listen and play off of each other as best as three musicians can play to present a series of songs that are organically played in that moment. The song choices are always different. We are never certain where we are going to go as we play everything from my own music, to blues, soul and good old rock n roll. In the past year the core has become Michael Lemmler, Terrence Houston and myself but you never know who is going to join us."