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Song Dogs Reunion

Sat, August 20, 2016

9pm Doors / 10pm Acoustic Set / Amplified set to follow

We're excited to welcome the Song Dogs back to the Maple Leaf. The band was a fan favorite in the late 80s.

Taking their name from a Roky Erickson tune, the Song Dogs played all original music, and combined veteran musicians with some talented newcomers. They were spearheaded by Bruce McDonald and featured Lisa Mednick and Alison Young, the keyboard-player/singer-songwriter and lead singer respectively. Songdogs showcased Young's vocal chops and gave Mednick the opportunity to put her own voice behind her lyrics. 

The Dogs developed a huge following very quickly, becoming favorites at the Leaf.

They put out a local record on their own, and came close to signing a national deal, but there were just too many internal conflicts, and the band couldn’t stay together.  The Song Dogs were a huge rumbling ball of creativity, energy, and dissension.