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Cha Wa - Midsummer Mardi Gras Sundays

Sun, August 27, 2017

Join us for a mid-summer series of Mardi Gras Indian FUNK. The band will be preparing to record a new album, so expect special guests and new tracks! Come see some new music and enjoy Seither's Seafood Boil at 10pm sharp. The music will begin soon after. 

CHA WA-- Mardi Gras Indian FUNK. With a deep respect for history and tradition, Cha Wa fuses the backstreet Mardi Gras Indian tradition with the funk music that also originated in New Orleans. Onstage, the band’s music takes off into the stratosphere while still maintaining a connection to the streets from whence it has come. Like New Orleans, there is a little taste of the Caribbean and a little jazz involved, but it’s all rolled into a heady mix dominated by serious funk. The music is spontaneous and spiritual at the same, and no two shows are ever the same. “We’re improvising. We’re playing, and we can hear each other,” says Gelini. “We just hook up. It’s something that we’re not even thinking about.  I think we’ve reached that point where we can feel the direction of the music intuitively and we just go with it.” Gelini continues, “It’s like having Indian practice with modern recordings and modern production and using it all together. It’s classic and contemporary at the same time.”