June 11, 2021

All Brick Sales Ended on June 10th

Hey Maple Leaf fans,

Here's an update for those of you who have purchased a commemorative Maple Leaf Bar engraved brick for the revamped Courtyard, as well as those who have purchased replica tiles, or bought a Brick Certificate for a friend or loved one.


First off, the new fence is done & the new Courtyard stage is starting to be built this week!  After the outdoor stage is complete, we will then begin to lay the new bricks. 


In addition to the bricks, we have a GoFundMe fund to help with the new Courtyard renovations, including the new fence, new trees, landscaping, the new stage, etc. Click here for the GoFundMe page.

Engraved Brick Orders:
NOTE: There's been some question about where the bricks go when ordered. As noted on the Brick order page on our website, all bricks ordered are delivered directly to the Maple Leaf Bar.

  • We began taking orders in early October. Due to the large number of orders received, we have been ordering from the Brick supply company in batches. All orders placed through the end of January have been ordered and received, and are awaiting installation in the updated Courtyard. 

  • All orders placed in February and March have recently been submitted for production, and take roughly 6-8 weeks to arrive at the bar, expected in early June.

  • Orders placed in April will be submitted within the next week or so, with a mid June arrival.

  • This update also includes brick certificate orders (*your brick certificate recipient has to have responded to our request for what they want engraved on their brick; almost all have responded, and we continue to reach out to those who have not).

  • Due to the overwhelming response to these bricks, we cannot provide pictures of the bricks.

Replica Tile Orders:

  • Replica Tile orders, whether purchased as standalone tiles, ordered after previously ordering an engraved brick, or as a Brick/Tile combo, will be shipped directly to the address you listed when placing the order.

  • It will likely be mid-June before these replica tiles have been received by the Maple Leaf, at which time we will begin shipping to those of you who have purchased them.


We will continue to provide updates over the next two months to keep you informed as to progress on the courtyard, and include pics of the progress! 

Finally, we can't thank you all enough for your support!
Maple Leaf Bar

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