Slugger Live at The Maple Leaf Vol. 1

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Recorded just 2 weeks before New Orleans’ music scene was shut down by the Covid-19 pandemic, “Uncut Buzz: Live At The Maple Leaf Vol. 1” shows Slugger at the top of their musical game. Guest appearances by emcee Ray Wimley and vocalist Mykia Jovan accent the band’s already powerful lineup of: Terrence Houston (Drums), Noah Young (Bass), Max Bronstein (Guitar) and Joe Johnson (Keyboards/Vocals). This is also the band’s first recording that captures Joe Johnson’s amazing lead vocals, which are heard on “Silver Lining”, and “untitled 05”.


For a band whose very first gig was at The Maple Leaf, it’s only fitting that Slugger’s first live record also comes from their musical home. In an effort to help the Maple Leaf survive the economic hardships of the shutdown, all proceeds from sales of this record will be split 50/50 between band and club. 



  1. Silver Lining    6:01

  2. 16 Shots (feat. Mykia Jovan)    6:45 

  3. untitled 05 (feat. Ray Wimley)   4:28 

  4. Praise Break    4:12

  5. Take A Breath (feat. Mykia Jovan and Ray Wimley) 3:24

  6. George    6:38

  7. Ray Freestyle (feat. Ray Wimley) 3:09 

  8. He Made A Website  0:31

Recorded by Joseph Kalb on 2/28/20 

Mixed/Mastered by Steven Panacek

Artwork by Katherine Johnson

Slugger Live at The Maple Leaf Vol. 1

  • All songs © (copyright) Slugger LLP, except "16 Shots" © Mykia Jovan and "Untitled 05" © Aftermath/Interscope (Top Dawg Entertainment).