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Mid Summer Mardi Gras - Closed for a private event after 7pm

Sat, August 19, 2017
This year's theme for Mid-Summer Mard Gras is:   
Dirty One XXXI--Coming in Hot
This is the K.O.A.K's thirty first year of parading during the doldrums of summer in the Carrollton neighborhood. The parade is and has always been all inclusive. They invite all to revel in the heat of the summer and enjoy the free expression of parading through the streets of New Orleans.

This year's August 19th parade will depart to and from Palmer Park from the 8300- block of Oak Street at 7:30 sharp! The parade will return to Oak Street by 10pm. 

A few reminders: 

  • SubKrewes that want a spot in the line up contact Jamie Bernstein at moonlogik@gmail.com for information about line up spots.
  • No glass on the parade route or in the street.
  • No gas or electric driven vehicles of any sort.
  • No fake (or real) guns or weapons
  • No vending (sell nothing)
  • Please Stay off the neutral ground and streetcar tracks.
  • Please enter and exit Palmer Park through the lighted main entrance.
  • Please leave the park when the parade leaves.

The Maple Leaf will be closed for a private party that night so we encourage you to patronize neighborhood establishments. La Casita (8400 Oak Street) will be hosting the official Mid-Summer Mardi Gras afterparty with DJ Soul Sister kicking off at 10pm!